Method Book Giveaway Campaign!

To celebrate your new school year, Forest Music will carry out a campaign to enlighten new students with their fresh start:

Newly enrolled students will receive their first method book for free!

For students who enroll Forest Music during

    5/1(Mon) to 6/4(Sun),

You and your new teacher will select a book for lessons together to apply the campaign.

Feeling fresh in a new year, why not start new life with music with us?

Join us at this occasion, please come to free trial lesson ☆ We look forward to seeing you!

Studio Rental+in class violin rental for violin students☆

Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.

通常ヴァイオリンレッスンに +月5000円で、お仕事または学校帰りにそのまま練習&レッスンできます!



※フルサイズのみ 月3回以上ヴァイオリンレッスンご受講の大人の生徒さん対象