Apply for a free trial lesson. Full size cello is available for trial lesson use. Lessons in German or in English.

Lesson Fees
60 min45 min30 min
Once / month7,000 JPYN/AN/A
Twice / month12,500 JPY11,000 JPY8,500 JPY
Three times / month17,000 JPY15,000 JPY12,000 JPY
Four times / month21,000 JPY18,500 JPY15,000 JPY
※All courses require admission fee 8,000 JPY


AekaWtanabeAeka Watanabe

Is a graduate of Toho-Gakuen College School of Music in Japan and of Trossingen National Music College in Germany. She received her Master’s degree from San Francisco Conservatory of Music. She studied under Hakuro Mori, Bonnie Hampton, Sadao Harada, Tadao Iwamoto.

Currently she appears on chamber music, orchestras, and also focuses on teaching with her motto “Share pleasure of playing music”. She is the principal cellist of social orchestra “Orchestrada”.

Secondary Piano Program

Forest Music offers piano instruction for non-piano majors in one-on-one (private lessons) setting.

Secondary Piano
60 min45 min30 min
Once / month4,700 JPYN/AN/A
Twice / month8,300 JPY7,300 JPY5,700 JPY
Three times / month11,300 JPY10,000 JPY8,000 JPY
Four Times / month14,000 JPY12,400 JPY10,000 JPY

akikokojikaAkiko Kojika

A native of Tokyo Japan, Akiko Kojika is passionate about teaching piano to all levels of students. She holds a bachelor in piano performance BM, Psychology BS from the University of Central Arkansas, and an MM in Piano Performance from the Indiana University. In 2001 she won Honorable Mention in the University of Central Arkansas Piano Competition and in 2004 won the competition. Akiko loves teaching students from 4-5 year old beginners to advanced levels to adult students. Above all she loves to share her passion for music and the piano with her students, respects and communicates well to all small students, and trying to instill this same love and dedication to all those who study with her.