Forest Music is seeking dedicated and motivated musician and teacher candidates who can perform and teach any of the following musical instruments:

  • Piano
  • Cello
  • Other courses of interest as needed

Responsibilities and Qualifications:

  • Regular performances at Forest Music Piano Salon; 30-min mini recitals and solo/ensemble concerts
  • Foster a positive learning environment
  • Engagement in the overall work and mission of Forest Music
  • Belief in music education


  • Bachelor’s degree in music performance, music education or the equivalent; master’s degree is preferred

There are multiple opportunities throughout the year for professional development, performances, and accompanists for student recitals.

To be considered for the above role, please apply by email to <>. The school will be inviting shortlisted candidates for an interview-audition.

Include with your CV, address, phone number and email contact with explicit permission to contact, and a letter of application. Official transcripts will be requested for teacher registration.



  • ピアノ・チェロ・その他


  • 日本または海外の音楽大学またはそれに準ずる学歴の方
  • 英語で担当楽器のレッスンが可能な方。
  • 弊ピアノサロンにて30分のミニリサイタルとアンサンブルを含むコンサート(各年一回以上)にご出演可能な方。そして積極的にSNS等で宣伝にご協力いただける方。
  • 弊教室のイベント(発表会や夏期講習など)をお手伝いいただける方。
  • 向学心のある方。